The Coyote Aerospace Facility

The Coyote Aerospace research laboratory includes 1000 squarefeet of laboratory space and 500 square feet of office and conference space.A home office contains a smaller laboratory and office space including a private research library.

The Coyote Aerospace facilities are located in Los Alamos, New Mexico. <(( The Los Alamos National Laboratory <(( is one of the nations foremost research laboratories. Coyote Aerospace qualifies as a small business that is accorded an extra measure of support by LANL. This support is intended to enhance the development of northern New Mexico. Under this plan small business can qualify for support of LANL personnel and facilities. The LANL research library is open to the public and is one of the best technical research libraries in the U.S.

North view of Lab

The Coyote Aerospace laboratory has a full complement of instrumentation including support electronics, digital data acquisition capabilities, optical vibration isolation tables and several optical spectrographswith various resolutions.


South view of Lab

Coyote Aerospace has high resolution optical spectroscopy tools available that are not available in many research laboratories. Our 3.2 Meter spectrograph can produce 0.001 Angstrom resolution in the visable and near ultraviolet region. Coyote Aerospace has been involved in the development of LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)instrumentation as shown on the optical table (center of picture).

Coyote Aerospace maintains a suite of spectrographs for the near ultraviolet and visable optical regions with the following focal lengths:

0.15 Meter
0.5 Meter
1.0 Meter
3.5 Meter



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