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General Expertise

Dr. Charles R. Mansfield is an experienced Physicist with a broad background in many areas of science and engineering. His forte is in applied instrumentation and diagnostics. He has successfully preformed as an independent researcher and as a leader in large management tasks. Following his 17 years of service to Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) he has established himself in an independent consultantcy with the trade name of Coyote Aerospace. Coyote Aerospace conducts research and development in field portable instrumentation and serves the needs of industry in experimental measurements. One of the specialities of Dr. Mansfield has been his ability to assemble teams of individuals and seek out particular expertise in order to achieve goals. The emphasis on goal oriented R & D is an important feature of Coyote Aerospace.

The following areas of interest and experience deserve particular emphasis:

  • Optics and Spectroscopy
  • Dr. Mansfield has a broad range of experience in Applied Optics and Spectroscopy that includes both experimental and theoretical work. He has conducted research and development in interferometry, holography and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy. His measurements of the dispersion of Helium and Neon, using Michelson interferometers, are the most precise measurement of dispersion ever made. He worked in the application of holographic techniques to problems associated with the selection of materials and checkout of the space shuttle and collaborated with others in the development of techniques to combine digital holography with analog image restoration. He has worked in many areas of atomic and molecular spectroscopy. Dr. Mansfield has carried out theoretical computations in dispersion of gases and successfully modeled the far field intensity patterns (caustics) produced by errors in large aperture laser optics.

    • Pulse Power Engineering

    Dr. Mansfield spent nearly 10 years in a Pulsed Power Engineering group at LANL. He has conducted and led efforts in characterizing relativistic electron beam transport and energy deposition in the Antares and Aurora laser systems. These efforts required a basic understanding of pulsed power techniques and methods of measuring electrical parameters in this area. He gained important expertise in the making of sensitive measurements in high noise environment and in the use of computerized data acquisition systems.In addition he led a team that produced the first prototype H- injector for the GTA accelerator.

    • Field Measurements and Instrumentation

    Dr. Mansfield first became familiar with the difficulties of obtaining experimental data in field situations as an undergraduate. He spent two summers working on a road survey crew with the US Forest Service. This experience included responsibility for running transit teams. In addition, during his Smokejumper experience he developed a sound producing device that could be dropped from an aircraft for aiding the location of air dropped cargo and received an employee incentive award for his efforts.He has continued to design and build instrumentation for field applications including a Zeeman Spectrometer which is backpack and aircraft portable for detecting mercury in the atmosphere as well as a computer controlled, laser induced breakdown spectroscopy instrument which is also backpack portable.

    • Wildfire Control

    Dr. Mansfield returned to the issue of Wildfire Control with the Cerro Grande Fire in Los Alamos, NM (2000) and the Biscuit Fire in Oregon (2002). His expertise in forestry is based on an informal education provided by his father (a career USFS officer), eleven years of fire fighting in the western forests as a Smokejumper, a lifetime of hunting and camping, and work as a volunteer during the Cerro Grande Fire and work before and after the Biscuit Fire. He has authored a book on the Biscuit Fire "The Biscuit Fire - Consequences of Forest Management Decisions" (ISBN 0-9635981-1-2) and numerous papers and essays on the subject.

    • Management and Team Building

    Dr. Mansfield is an experienced facilitator and has built highly successful teams in several organizations. He was responsible for the floor level integration of the Antares Laser Fusion Facility and served as the operations manager for the Antares Facility for nearly two years. In addition he was involved in and made contributions to the Apollo and Skylab projects, was operations manager of the Aurora Laser Facility and the system manager in charge of the ion injector for the GTA project. He is trained and has extensive experience in project management. One of his hallmarks is his ability to build effective teams in organizations ranging from wildfire control (11 years experienceas a Smokejumper) to high technology projects.


    Charles R. Mansfield,  Ph.D.

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    Dr. Mansfield is an experimental physicist specializing in optics and applications of optics. His experience covers such fields as interferometry, holography and laser technology. His career has led him into many areas of modern technology, as a result he is familiar with problems encountered in such diverse areas as critical assemblies, nuclear reactor safety, space optics, materials technology, non-destructive testing, atmospheric optics, astrophysics, geodetic measurements, ICF target physics, vulnerability analysis and the construction and operation of large laser systems.


     * Interferometric measurements
     * Holographic interferometry 
     * Materials failure analysis
     * Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
     * Nuclear pumped lasers 
     * Optical/video systems
     * Large area electron guns
     * H- ion injectors
     * Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy
     * Project leadership
     * Wildfire Control
     * Refractivity of gases
     * Nondestructive testing 
     * Holographic spatial filtering 
     * Nuclear critical assemblies
     * Nuclear reactor safety experiments
     * Confocal resonator design 
     * High power CO2, KrF and DF lasers
     * High power laser diagnostics
     * Vulnerability Assessment
     * Team building


    Mission Research Corporation, September 1999 to January 2002
    Worked on a part time basis for the Los Alamos Group of Mission Research Corporation as a scientist supporting an ongoing effort in high energy lasers.

    Coyote Aerospace, 1993 to present
    Established Coyote Aerospace, an independent research and development business. The general goal of Coyote Aerospace is to conduct Applied Research and Development in instrumentation and diagnostics and to provide general consulting services in the areas of expertise of its owner. Coyote Aerospace has successfully completed four contracts to the full satisfaction of its customers. Coyote Aerospace has several contracts in progress, self funded research in progress and is continuing to develop its capabilities. Member of Sumner Associates. 

    Coyote Mining and Environmental Instruments, Inc.   Formed -August 1997, Chapter 7 2004 
    This corporation was formed to commercialize   Served as President and CEO. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectrometer technology developed at Los Alamso National Laboratory. 

    Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1976 to 1993 
    Positions Held: Staff member, Antares Operations Manager, GTA Ion Injector System Manager, Aurora Operations Manager, Plasma Devices Section Leader, Antares Systems Integration Manager, Vulnerability Analysis Project Leader Conducted vulnerability analysis of various Tags and Seals under development for DOE applications. Conducted experiments and analyzed data from beam transport experiments on Aurora LAM. Led Aurora laser operations during first full system integration and the 1 kJ campaign. Led team that developed the first Ion Injector for the GTA-1 accelerator. Managed the Antares laser fusion facility. Led full systems integration efforts on the Antares facility and conducted small signal gain measurements on Antares. Developed a stereo video system for making mass transport measurements in simulated reactor blowdown experiments in West Germany and Japan. Worked on He3-Xe, lanthanide and actinide nuclear pumped lasers. Served as crew member during critical assemblies operation. 

    EG&G Los Alamos, Engineering Department, Senior Scientist, 1973 to 1976. 
    Participated in FOC program; set up Fourier transform spectrometer and conducted experiments in infrared Spectroscopy for an external customer; developed and analog holographic spatial filtering system and participated as a member of a team conducting experiments in optical image restoration using computer generated holographic spatial filters. 

    Rice University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Research Associate, 1971 to 1973. 
    Funded several small projects through NASA-JSC Materials Technology Branch; Holographic Interferometery --applications of interest in early Space Shuttle development; Fracture mechanics --development of a technique for remote observation of acoustic emissions; failure analysis of a parachute connector link on a scientific balloon payload. 

    NASA-NRC  Postdoctoral Fellowship, Johnson Space Center, Optics Branch/Space Physics Division, Materials Technology Branch/Structures and Mechanics Division, , 1969 to 1971. Proposed to investigate a long baseline interferometer for measurement of lunar tides; assisted with Skylab experiment TO-25; proposed including high frequency (1 khz), detectors on Large Space Telescope (Galileo) and using analog, on-line analysis to minimize data transfer rates. 


    Ph.D. University of Idaho -1970 (Physics) - THESIS ADVISOR: Professor Edson R. Peck, Dept of Physics, University of Idaho (retired). 
    M.S. University of Idaho -1965 (Physics) - THESIS ADVISOR: Professor Edson R. Peck, Dept of Physics, University of Idaho (retired). 
    B.S. Oregon State University -1962 (Physics) 


    Los Alamos County Airport Transition Advisory Committee 

    Served as a member of a county committee that is advising the county in the transition of ownership of the Los Alamos Airport from DOE ownership to ownership by Los Alamos County.

    Laboratory Retiree Group, Inc. 

    Is a founding member and has served as the president of the Laboratory Retiree Group, a nonprofit 501(c)(4) corporation that is dedicated to serving the needs and interests of retirees of Los Alamos National Laboratory. 

    Retired Senior Volunteer Program

    Is a member of RSVP. 

    National Smokejumper Association 

    Is an active life member of the National Smokejumper Association. He has  led volunteer trail restoration efforts in the Siskiyou National Forest.  In addition, he has authored a book and several papers, essays and letters on the Cerro Grande Fire and Biscuit Fire.


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