National Smokejumper Association Trip Report

Mt. Billingslea Trail Effort
A team of ex-Smokejumpers repaired a trail that was heavily damaged by the Silver Fire (1987).  This report was delivered a week before the Biscuit Fire was started by lightning.  The trail is located about 5 miles south of the ignition point of the Florence Creek Fire component of the Biscuit Fire.  Photographs taken during this effort are included in the e-book "The Biscuit Fire - Consequences of Forest Management Decisions."

                                                                                                                                                                     Date: July 7, 2002
TO: R. Casteran, Chetco Wilderness Tech
J. McHugh, Illinois Valley / S.O. Wilderness Tech
R. Stolston, NSA President
J. McBride, NSA Trail Coordinator
C. Sheley, NSA Smokejumper Editor

FROM: C. Mansfield, CJ 59-69

SUBJECT: Trail Maintenance of Siskiyou Trail #1124 Final Report


A team of Smoke Jumpers from Siskiyou Smokejumper Base worked on FS Trail 1124 (Mt. Billingslea / Lucky Cr. Trail) from June 24, 2002 to June 30, 2002. The prime objective of this effort was restoring the trail to the point where it could be used by pack stock and hikers. Secondary objectives included 1) Defining an new water source, 2) removal of brush along the trail and 3) if time permitted, restoration of the tread. The prime objective was met in that over 120 deadfall ranging from 4" diameter to over 2 ½ ft. diameter were removed making the trail open for pack stock from the trail head to Lucky Cr. Flat. In addition, two sections of trail were sidestepped to avoid heavily eroded and deadfall areas, a new trail was opened to a series of water holes from the first saddle west of the trailhead and some brush and material that impeded both   pack stock and hikers was removed. In addition many obstacles were removed along the trail from the “Frog Pond” to the Granite Spring side trail. This effort was completed with . . . . 

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